by Zach Terry

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Jesus - The Author and Authority of Life (1 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 1:1-5

Imagine the theme music playing in the background.
Blue words flash onto a black screen, ''A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…''

With that the stage is set for the next episode in a saga that will span two generations.

That is what we call a Prologue.
Its purpose is to transfer the audience from their immediate context to that of the book or movie. It is meant to engage and introduce. This was no doubt John's intent in these first 5 verses.

D.A. Carson said it well in his commentary -
The Prologue is a foyer to the rest of the Fourth Gospel, simultaneously drawing the reader in and introducing the major themes.

As we begin this study of John's Gospel we are immediately introduced to two Johns.

In verse 6 we see John the Baptist. This John was a cousin to Jesus. He preaching and baptized but we have no writings from this John.

Someone asked me one time if I really believe John was a Baptist… well I've never heard him called John the Methodist! (haha)

Now this Gospel is written by John the Disciple of Jesus -

He was probably Jesus best friend on earth. He wrote his Gospel after Matthew, Mark and Luke's Gospels were already in circulation. The first three Gospels are called Synoptic in that 90% of their material is in common. Most of what John wrote is not contained in the other three Gospels.

John's Gospel was probably the most Evangelistic in its intent. That's why when someone is saved we almost always encourage them to begin reading in the Gospel of John.

You see the most important question ever raised on planet earth is the question, ''Who is Jesus Christ?'' The short answer is the Son of God, the long answer is the Gospel of John.

Someone might ask, ''How can you say that the most important question on planet Earth is 'Who is Jesus Christ?'''

According to Tim Keller, it does seem to ...

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