by Zach Terry

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The Job Description of a Disciple (3 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 1:35-51

Next to the Bible the most influential books in my life have been Biographies.

I love to study the journey of great people. You recognize patterns that lead to great influence or sometimes to utter demise.

Career - My favorite part of the biography is the early days of a person's career. Many times I'll skip over their childhood and education and see how they got their start. As a matter of fact if you told me that I could read only one chapter out of any biography I would read how a person began his or her life's calling.

Often the beginnings of a person's career serve as snapshot of their
• Key virtues or vices
• Strengths and weaknesses
• And other those early days reveal the most profound secrets of success that will follow them throughout their lives.

NOW - Biographies are descriptive more than prescriptive. They tell you what a person did, but not necessarily what you should do.

In many ways the Gospel of John is like a Biography of Jesus. And in many ways it is more descriptive than prescriptive.

• Prescriptive - Do not murder, Pray without ceasing
• Descriptive - Stories that reveal how God works in peoples lives.
o Positive - Mary, John the Baptist
o Negative - Herod, Judas, ect.

REMARKABLE LIFE - It is quite remarkable when you think about it that some 600 people are gathered here today thousands across the Tennessee Valley, millions around the world - to hear about one man who lived over 2000 years ago who never traveled very far from his home town, who never wrote a word and accomplished every significant aspect of his career in the span of 3 years. That is quite remarkable.

Jesus came on the scene at age of 30 - the same age as Pastor Chip. The age where a person could become a Priest in Israel. He died just over 3 years after his ministry began and he became the most sig ...

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