by Zach Terry

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The Aroma of God (4 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 2:13-22

ILLUSTRATION: Great thought is given to the person who is allowed to pray at the democratic and republican convention.

• You need a guy or gal who has a following, because their prayer can be taken as support of the candidate. They can deliver a number of value voters via a prayer.
• You need a person who will generate some level of media attention and do interviews following the convention.
• Most importantly you don't know a person who is too controversial or politically incorrect.

Now last week Jesus was on track for being invited to such a convention, but this week he blows any chance of being the politically correct Savior.

Last time we were together we saw Jesus in Cana of Galilee performing his first miracle. What a strange miracle it was, converting water into wine to relieve the embarrassment of an awkward young couple. For all the poor planning on the part of the young couple they had done one major thing right… They invited Jesus to the wedding! Friend, it doesn't matter how much you have done wrong, it doesn't matter how great the regrets, when you invite Jesus things just seem to work out.

• At Cana we saw Jesus as a guest in the house of another. This week He is in Jerusalem and people are coming to his Father's house.
• At Cana he was a guest, but here he is the Master of Ceremonies.

Here in Jerusalem he behaves very differently. As a matter of fact we have a real dilemma with Jesus. He doesn't behave like the safe Savior that we think we have come to know. No doubt some will read this account and say,

• I thought he was a gentle Jesus. Here He looks more like the Rambo!
• I thought he was a Lamb, here He behaves like a Lion!
What are we to do with Jesus???
ILLUSTRATION: The revival I preached last week was in a very rural area. On the way there my son said, "Dad this sure is a crooked road". Imagine I looked at the road and sai ...

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