by Zach Terry

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A Woman Transformed (6 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 4:1-25

Most of you are not native to the TN valley, but you for one reason or another have been planted here. Let me tell you, there is no place on earth like this. This is a distinctly Christianized culture. As a matter of fact you live right in the buckle of the Bible belt.

According to -There are - 864 Churches in the Huntsville Metro Area. We have a highly CHURCHED Culture.

At some point, if you grow up here, you walk the aisle of a Church, you have an emotional experience, you are baptized. 10 years later you are in a Lifeway buying Jesus wrapping paper, Jesus wall art, Jesus day planners…

Last week I was over in H'ville and I stopped by Lifeway picked out some books and sat down. Now you will learn that I am an incurable ease-dropper and people watcher. You can learn so much by listening to people! I'm sitting there in lifeway and I heard a lady actually say, "You know what I really need? I need a Jesus rolling pin. You would think they could come up with a rolling pin with a Jesus fish or verse or something".

Now, that's not necessarily the case on the streets of New York or Los Angeles. Outside of the Vatican or the Middle East, I don't know of a place on the planet where religion has been more pervasive.

But don't let them fool you. The truth is - I have never seen a place where God is more available and less appreciated in my entire life.

• You would think that the porn industry would be dead here.
o Yet when our friends visited from KY they were shocked at the number of porn shops on our main roads.
• You would think that divorce would be the rarest exception.
o Did you know that the divorce rate in this area is higher than most cities of comparable size?
• You would think that drugs would be virtually unheard of.

ON TOP OF THAT - this is the south. No matter how you feel, smile and say howdy!
You ...

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