by Zach Terry

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The Deity of Jesus (9 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 5:18-38

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: The story is told about a couple of physicians in training who were touring a local insane asylum. As they pasted down the halls they heard a man shouting at the top of his lungs I am the George Washington. He continued to shout several times, "I am George Washington". Finally when they came to his room the lead physician said, "Who told you that you are George Washington?" The man replied, "God told me I'm George Washington". The man in the next bed sat up and said, "I didn't tell you any such thing".

It would appear lunacy for a man to claim to be God.

• Buddhism -says Jesus was wise and enlightened teacher who taught similar things to Buddha but he was only a man.
• Islam -- says that Jesus was a prophet sent by God, but still a man.
• Jehovah's witness -says that Jesus was neither God nor man, but the Archangel Michael.
• Mormonism says that Jesus was a man who became a god, but not the eternal God of the Universe.
• Unitarianism says that Jesus was a great example of God's love who demonstrated God's compassion for humanity.
• Scientology (Tom Cruise, John Travolta) "Jesus is an "implant" forced upon a Thetan about a million years ago"

I have learned to take nothing for granted -
ILLUSTRATION; Just before Christmas a few years ago a senior adult lady comes into my office and says, "Brother Zach, this Sunday School book teaches that Jesus is God".

To the Pharisees it was the epitome of blasphemy for Jesus to claim deity -Think of it.
• Pious Jews never spoke this name in audible terms.
• When they were reading the scripture, when they came to the name they would close their eyes and bow their head in worship.
• When a scribe was copying the holy scripture, and he would come to the name Jehovah, he would get a brand new pen just to write that name Jehovah that is translated Lord.

Isaiah recalls seeing God in Isaiah 6:1-5 ...

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