by Zach Terry

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All I want for Christmas - Forgiveness (16 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 7:53-8:12

INTRO: Pastor Brandon opened today with a Hymn written by Isaac Watts in 1719 entitled, "Joy to the World." Now the interesting thing about this song is, the only stanza that is even remotely related to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, is the first one that announces "the Lord is come."
There is no mention of Mary and Joseph, the angels, Bethlehem, the Shepherds, the manger, or the Wise Men. Yet, it is one of our most beloved Christmas carols because it really captures the essence of Christmas, which is joy.

The Advent of Christ brought the potential of joy to every man, woman, boy and girl. But let me ask you an honest question - How long has it been since you experienced real joy?
Do you remember what Christmas was like when you were a child? What happened? Did Christmas change or did you change?
I'll tell you what I believe it was - there was a lightness and an innocence in childhood. But at some point things changed…
• Was it the teenage years when you realized that your mom and dad really don't walk on water? When you made some decisions that would leave lasting scars?
• Was it the early years in the military when you saw things and tried things that you were far from your raising?
Sin moves from creeping at your door to engaging you in a plethora of evil. As a result relationships are strained even lost. Simple things like dancing, singing, playing become more difficult under the burden of sin. Christmas is changed as well. You get a glimpse of it in your own children as you experience the holiday through their innocence. But yours is long since gone.
Imagine a brand new start, a clean really clean slate. Imagine the burden of guilt lifted. Imagine what took you years to destroy flooding back in a moment.
That brings us to the third in this series of messages - today we are talking about, "all I want for Christmas - Forgiveness". ...

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