by Zach Terry

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Suffering in the World (19 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 9:1-41

Last week we began this series called, "The Glory of God in Suffering" by talking about Persecution. We saw that in 30 verses the crowd went from believing in Jesus to trying to stone Him. He evaded the anger of the crowd and now we pick up in verse 1 of chapter 9

John 9 (NASB95)
1 As He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth.

At some point in your journey as a human you cross an invisible line where you loose some of your optimism. Hopefully you don't cross over to the dark side of pessimism, but most of us land in the realm of realism.

GRAFFITI - From time to time you will see graffiti sprayed on a passing train saying something to the effect, "Life is hard, then you die". Early on that statement sounds harsh, hard and pessimistic… but live a little, get a few birthdays under your belt and you find that it's not so far from the truth.

BABIES - The fact is, most of us can accept some measure of suffering. Especially those who are from a Christian perspective. We know that we live in a world that is under a curse and we know that we at times will feel the effects.

We can handle suffering to a point… but when it happens to babies… the most innocent among us are shaken to the core. It leaves us stupefied, dumfounded.

When a child hurts we don't know what to do with it.

5 YEAR OLD DEATH - I received a call one day from a family in our Church who had served as foster parents for several young people through the years. One of their foster children had fathered a child who at the age of 5 wandered outside, fell into a pond and drowned. That was probably one of the hardest things I have done in ministry.

OUR STORY - Imagine for a moment the birth of the man in our story. I suppose there was a midwife there delivering this child. They probably were not sophisticated enough to recognize the blindness right off… but as ...

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