by Zach Terry

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The High Priestly Prayer - Changing Well (28 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 17

How would you finish this sentence: Life is like _____________________
The way you would answer that questions tells a great deal about you.

Do you think there is any qualitative difference in the person who chooses these two analogies?

• Life is a battle
• Life is a game
• Life is a dance
• And as Pastor Brandon's mom always says, "Life is like a box of chocolates"

I'm sure there is truth in all of those analogies, but one that I have found helpful is to recognize that life is a series of seasons.

I like seasons! I must confess, I have always suspected that I have a mild case of ADD (attention deficit disorder), simply because I get bored really fast. About half way through spring I get ready to hit the beach. Half way through summer I start to long for a cool fall day, through the fall I get to saying, "I wish it would snow". Half way through winter I ask, "Is it ever going to warm up?" I enjoy the change of seasons.

I think God gave us seasons to teach us something about life. You have heard the old saying, "You only go around once". That is very true in a sense, but in another very real sense each person's life is made up of many seasons - in a sense many lives compiled to make one.

• Childhood is a season
• Adolescence is a season
• For a season you a single adult
• For a season you are a parent of a toddler
• Then comes the cold hard days of winter when you are the parent of a teenager. Daniel in the Lion's den is not nearly as impressive during those years.
• Before you know it you are a grandparent, then a great grandparent
• The next thing you know the kids you cared for are caring for you

It is important that you recognize the qualities that make each season unique and that you learn how to transition well.

You see, I have noticed over 13 years of ministry that most peopl ...

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