by Ernest Easley

The Great American Pastime
Ernest Easley
Isaiah 65:11-12

Beginning in Isaiah 65, we find another weed that is destroying our landscape, another leading contributor to The Unraveling of the American Dream and its cost to our society is enormous.
Consider the costs: you are twenty times more likely to be alcohol or drug dependent; eight times more likely to have been arrested; twelve times more likely to have suffered a job loss during the past year; five times more likely to have filed bankruptcy; three times more likely to receive unemployment benefits; twice as likely to receive welfare benefits and three times more likely to have been divorced.
You ask, "What is causing so much heartache and hurt and harm?" GAMBLING! A survey of Gamblers Anonymous members in the United States found that 48% had considered suicide and 13% had attempted it. And yet, we've made it legal in 48 states: Hawaii and Utah are the only exceptions.
Today, the online gaming market is worth more than $15 billion dollars, with a total of 40 million users who have registered PlayStation Network accounts.
If baseball once was America's national pastime, it's been replaced by a $92 billion dollar per-year obsession: GAMBLING!
The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports that just under 87.5 million dollars were wagered on the Super Bowl just a few weeks ago. Gambling has become The Great American Pastime!
There are two times in your life when you shouldn't gamble: when you can't afford it and when you can. Mark Twain said that "the best throw at dice is to throw them away."
But Americans no longer agree. Americans now spend more on gambling than on movies, videos and DVDs, music and books combined.
85% of U.S adults have gambled at least once in their lifetime. The fastest growing addiction among high school and college-age young people is problem gambling. And this new American Pastime is dismantling lives, destroying marriages, devastating our hom ...

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