by Wayne Hinson

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David, The Model Over-comer (5 of 6)
Series: Models That Are Mirrored In Scriptures
Wayne Hinson
I Samuel 17-18; II Samuel 12; Psalm 51

I. David Defeated The Giants In His Life
A) Goliath The Philistine Giant
B) Saul, The Political Giant
C) Self, The Personal Giant

II. David Dealt With The Ghosts In His Life
A) The Ghost Of Saul That Hunted Him
B) The Ghost Of A Soldier That Haunted Him
C) The Ghost Of Sin That Humbled Him

III David Defined The Gravesides In His Life
A) The Graveside Of His Family
B) The Graveside Of His Freedom
C) The Graveside Of His Fame

In all of scripture, there is no more of a colorful character than David. As we examine his many ups and downs, his life becomes a very picturesque model that is mirrored in scripture. No one else recorded in the Bible ever ascended to such lofty positions, both physically and spiritually, and descended to such lowly states. Yes, there were many bright days in his life, such as the day that the Philistine giant came tumbling to the ground, but there were also many black days in his life. Not only were there bright days and black days, but there were also some bottom days, such as that day when Nathan the prophet showed up at his door with the message of God's condemnation upon his sin of adultery and murder. Even though David fall into the depths of sin became a massive failure, there were still many blessed days in his life. His falls into sin are recorded in order to warn us not to travel down the same road, and his service and fellowship with God is mirrored in scripture so that we may desire to travel that road. As we gaze into this mirror, which reflects David as the model overcome, may we glean many truths and secure many treasures. The model of David is further defined as:

I. David Defeated The Giants In His Life
Certainly we have all faced our giants from time to time. Most of the giants we face seem to be unmovable mountains at the time. Da ...

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