by Wayne Hinson

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Joseph, The Model Abstainer (4 of 6)
Series: Models That Are Mirrored In Scripture
Wayne Hinson
Genesis Chapters 37 and 38


I. Syndromes That Could Have Controlled Joseph
A) The "Dysfunctional Family" Syndrome
B) The "Detached Sibling" Syndrome
C) The "Dire Situation" Syndrome

II. Scenes That Could Have Canceled Joseph
A) The Scene In The Bottom Of The Pit
B) The Scene In The Blessings of Potiphar's House
C) The Scene In The Bonds Of Prison

III. Separations That Did Harvest A Consecrated Joseph
A) From The World Of Sin
B) To The Will Of The Sovereign
C) To The Work Of The Service

In all the Biblical records of Joseph's life, there is never recorded any act of sin. That is not to say that he did not sin, but it is to say that there must not have been any sin of a gross nature in his life. This alone speaks volumes as to the character and faith of this model abstainer that is mirrored for us in scripture. What a great testimony it is, that the Word of God that lists the sins of so many of the great men in the Old Testament, never records a sin of Joseph. This man that we are now studying is the model of abstaining for all time. His life is one of consecration and courage, which in the face of so many temptations, is displayed in the noblest of fashions. Just being ostracized from his family would seem to us to be ample justification for retaliation, but never a vengeful word was spoken. And in the midst of a great sexual temptation, Joseph's true color of faith came to the forefront as is rarely ever seen anywhere else. Many a man of God has fallen prey to the sexual temptation that was levied against him. Our society today is rampant with sexual degradation, and for the most part, is devoid of any real moral absolutes and convictions. God's word has always been very explicit in condemning fornication and adultery. In the present day church world, many seem to have a problem defining the difference between lust ...

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