by Wayne Hinson

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Moses, The Model Shiner (3 of 6)
Series: Models That Are Mirrored In Scripture
Wayne Hinson
Exodus 34

I. Ingredients For Going Up The Mountain
A) Preparation With Expectation
B) Privacy Through Elimination
C) Performance Through Effort

II. Interaction With God On The Mountain
A) Moses Heard The Lord
B) Moses Humbled Before The Lord
C) Moses Hallowed The Lord

III.Illumination Of Glory From The Mountain
A) Fire In His Heart
B) Face That Wa Radiant
C) Faith That Was Realization

Introduction: Moses had been in the very presence of God several times before he went up the mountain on this occasion. However, our text reflects that the results of this encounter with God was vastly different that all the other times. When Moses met God at the burning bush, some changes did occur, but for the most part he was dependent upon Aaron to do his talking for him. After his first trip up the mountain to receive the ten commandments, Moses came back to the nation of Israel and displayed his temper. But this trip was to be a totally life changing experience for him. The accounts of his life after Genesis 34 reveals a completely different man that before. Today, when we see someone that has changed totally, we immediately begin to inquire as to the reasons behind the change. The change is evident and before our eyes, but we will want to know why and what changed the person. This is the scope of this sermon, to ask the questions and find the answers to the why's and what's of this mountain top experience. Only a few times in all of the Bible, do we read references to a man's face shining with glory. It was said of Stephen in the New Testament and of course, it was recorded of our Lord. A face that radiates with the glory of a face to face encounter with Almighty God is the result, but there were established reasons as to why it did shine. Out text reveals the ingredients, the interaction and the illumination of a mountain top exp ...

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