by Wayne Hinson

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Noah, The Model Builder (2 of 6)
Series: Models That Are Mirrored In Scripture
Wayne Hinson
Genesis 6,8; Hebrews 11


I. He Saw A Light In The Midst Of Darkness

A) Light To Find Grace
B) Light For Faith In God
C) Light To Follow The Guide
II. He Served With Labor In The Mire Of Depravity
A) Details Were Not Overlooked
B) Detours Were Not Optional
C) Dedication Was Not Omitted

1. He Was Dedicated To The Reason For The Ark

2. He Was Dedicated To The Revelation Of The Ark

3. He Was Dedicated To The Reality Of The Ark

III. He Sailed In Liberty In The Middle Of The Deep

A) He Was Rescued From The Stormy Rain
B) He Was Redeemed From The Sinful Reproach
C) He Came To Rest On A Solid Rock

Intro: In sharp contrast to our first model, who was Enoch, the amount of scripture pertaining to Noah is greatly increased. Not only is there much more said about Noah, but the fine details have been added also. Upon examination of those scriptures pertaining to the life and times of Noah, we instantly discover that his day was very much like our day, that of sinful degradation and degeneration. It was a day when sin multiplied so rapidly that everything around it was engulfed in it's wicked path. It is in that setting, there came out from among the degradation, one man named Noah who would serve the Lord, even it meant doing it alone. We often complain about the conditions of our day, and even make excuses as to why many people are not serving the Lord, but just one quick look at Noah and the conditions of his day, will bring us to the realization, that regardless of the circumstances that surround us, we can come out from among them and successfully do a work for God. The portrait of Noah is mirrored to us from the pages of God's Word as a master builder. He is our model for the building of any work for God. As we read and watch him as he labored to build the ark and preach the Word of God for 120 years, may we gather ...

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