by Wayne Hinson

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Enoch, The Model Walker (1 of 6)
Series: Models That Are Mirrored In Scripture
Wayne Hinson
Genesis 5:15-21; Jude 14; Hebrews 11:5-6

I. Delighted In God As His Companion
A) Companied With God By Faith
B) Companied With God As A Friend
C) Companied With God As A Follower
II. Directed By God At The Crossroads
A) Refrained From Taking The Scenic Road
B) Restrained From Taking The Self Road
C) Retreated From Taking The Social Road
III. Destined By God To Be Caught Up
A) God Loved Him As A Son
B) God Lifted Him As A Saint
C) God Listed Him As A Sample

Intro: Webster defines "model" as "a pattern; a person or thing worthy of imitation. Throughout the Word of God, the Holy Ghost inspired the writers to record those individuals, who would become models and examples for all of us that followed. Some were models of good things, while others were models of bad things. It is interesting that one of the greatest models of a man who walked with God, and pleased God in every respect, would have so very little spoken and recorded about him. But in those few words, we can gather a lightning bolt of instruction and enlightenment. We would think that the words "walked with God" would be used many times in scripture, but in actuality, they are only used four times in the entire Bible. It is used twice of Enoch, once of Noah, and once of Levi the priest. While other phrases are used to imply a walk with God, these particular words are only used four times. By way of introduction, it is also very interesting that in Genesis 4, we see the perfection of the evil seed in Lamech, who was the 7th from Adam through Cain, and we see the perfection of the godly seed in Enoch, who was the 7th from Adam through Seth. Verse 25 of chapter 4 sets everything in place by the words spoken by Eve, "For God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew". With this divine backdrop as the foundation, we now will view Enoch as the model wa ...

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