by John Barnett

Seven Wonderful Reminders From Our Risen Lord
John Barnett
Luke 24:44

What does this Resurrection morning mean to all of us gathered in Christ?

Everything. It is everything to us.

All that we believe, all that we hope, all that we trust-everything was on Jesus when He hung on the Cross, when He was Buried, and all praise to God-when He Rose.

Christ's Risen from the dead is the capstone, the keystone, the vital ingredient, and the sine qua non of all we hold dear, all that we believe, and anything that will be precious and last forever is attached to Christ's conquest of sin, and death, and the grave.

I would like all of you who know Christ personally, love Him dearly, and rejoice in this greatest of all days to get a little fire from our daughter church. As I read each of these Resurrection truths this morning and pause, please respond like our brothers and sisters at Crossover Bible Church would respond (with an Amen or Hallelujah):

Jesus lives.
The Tomb is empty.
Death is defeated.
The Grave is opened.
God is in control.
His Word is true.
The Devil is destroyed.
Death, and the Grave are powerless.
God won.

From Resurrection morning and onward, Jesus launched His disciples in the reality of what God had accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection. They needed help fully understanding all that had taken place-and so do we.

To explain what God the Father wanted them to know, God the Son spent 40 days in post-resurrection training of the disciples. After Christ's resurrection they had many days of talking with Him, learning from Him, and getting established by Him in the power of the Cross and His resurrection.

But how did He do all that? If we look closely we find that the primary tool Jesus used was reminding them of what He had already said. Jesus did not really introduce any new revelations to them; He just opened their minds by reminding them of what had already been said. In other words Christ took ...

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