by John Barnett

The First Lord's Supper
John Barnett
John 13.1-17

Tonight in Luke 22:24 we go back to THE Lord's Supper , by that I mean the first, the original, and the model for us from Jesus Christ Himself to us His Church.

On the night of the first Lord's Supper, Jesus models an attitude what we must choose to have each time we come to His Table. Do you remember:

The Problem
They Faced

On the evening of the Last Supper there was a problem among His disciples that Jesus had to address.

While Satan waited at the door, while the High Priest plotted for His life, and while the Roman cross stood not far away, a greater priority than all others was Christ's-His disciples had to learn what genuine love was all about.

The hearts of His disciples contained: unforsaken selfishness, disagreements, contentions, jealousies, impatience, and ambition; and none of those are acceptable at Christ's Table.

Listen to Luke 22:24

"Now there was also a dispute among them, as to which of them should be considered the greatest. "

The Passover meal was about to start, but no one was willing to take the lowest job. In a home without slaves, someone (usually the lowest in rank) had to take a basin and wash feet before the meal. None of the disciples felt like serving that night.

During the long meal in reclining couches feet would be near faces. Dirty feet would distract, so would dirty hearts. So Jesus addressed their hearts as He washed their feet.

Jesus girded Himself as the slave. Jesus knelt before all of His men and took the lowest place.

The picture they got of Jesus was burned into their hearts forever. Peter wrote of it, John wrote of it, and they talked so much about it that Paul even describes that humble servant attitude and action of Jesus.

What was Christ's answer to their selfishness? His Love.

What was Christ's cure for their selfish ambition? His love.

Christ's Last Supper
Message to Us

As we turn to John 13, we enter into ...

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