by Zach Terry

A Mother's Pursuit of Christ
Zach Terry
Matthew 15:21-31

SERIES: We are in a series of messages called, "Angels and Demon", so far we have learned about the fall of Satan and Demons and last week we learned how to combat their mainline of attacks against us. Now we come to part III and it's Mother's Day.

MOTHER'S DAY - When some of the guys realized that we were in a series on demons and it was also mother's day, they suggested that this is the perfect opportunity to preach a sermon on mother's in law. But I didn't find that humorous at all, so I took another route.

INTRODUCTION: One of my favorite things about being a parent is tucking my kids in at night. A couple of years ago I started laying my hand on my kids and saying a prayer of blessing and protection over them every night. It's at that time that they can ask some of the most profound questions -

• Dad, did Eve have a belly button?
• Dad, what does God do for fun?
• Dad, who does God pray to?

Well one night when I was tucking my oldest girl in she asked, "Dad, why does God let the devil exist? Why doesn't he just go on and thrown him in to hell and get it over with?"

I thought to myself -
1. Why do you come up with these questions right at bedtime?
2. That is a good question!

That's a great question and something that I am not able to answer fully. But I can tell you that Satan and Demons are allowed to exist and even wreak a measure of havoc on humanity because it will ultimately bring great glory to God.

You say, "How can something so evil bring Glory to God?" Well it all depends on how you respond to evil against you or evil around you. Now in theory we can understand and accept that idea -
• God allowed Satan to attack Job, because Job would ultimately prove his commitment to God.
• God allowed Satan to Sift Peter Like Wheat, knowing he would return and strengthen his brethren.
• God allowed Satan to send a thorn in Paul's flesh, knowing it would humble Paul.

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