by Zach Terry

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The Judgment Of Satan (4 of 6)
Series: Angels and Demons
Zach Terry
Rom. 16:20


• A Christian man living in the Tennessee Valley is having a difficult time paying attention in Church the morning. His attention is arrested by the fact that he has lead his family into excessive debt by purchasing expensive toys that was beyond their ability to afford. It seems as though he can't shake the worry, not to mention the fact that there are talks of layoffs at work. The thoughts are haunting him.

• A teenager is second guessing religion entirely. It seemed right as a child, but he knows so much more now. Besides, he has now experienced some of what the world has to offer - and he liked it. If he is wrong about God and religion there is time to figure all of that out later, you are only young once.

• A woman is burdened with guilt this morning because of an adulterous relationship that seemed right at the time, but now the thoughts will not go away. Her husband doesn't even know. She can hardly hold back the tears as she sets in Church. Prescription drugs are her only shot at a good nights rest. And no one else understands why.

• A child sets and hears the Gospel through Sunday school, church, family but it never sinks in. It is as though he had never heard it before. Almost like the seeds of truth were snatched right out of his heart.

In the words of Pastor Andrew Davis - "somewhere above them there is a malevolent and intelligent figure plotting their downfall for the next day. If this were a Frank Perretti novel we would have the name of the demon and we would be talking about glinty red eyes and leather wings and things like that…. But I'm going to stop short of the invisible realm" and simply say - that is a realistic account of what is going on right now all around you.

As a preacher of the Gospel I am very much aware of the fact that I personally wrestle against such demons, and those to whom I preached are attacked by such d ...

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