by Jeff Lynn

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Are You Loving Much? (2 of 4)
Series: Experiencing God Through Worship
Jeff Lynn
Luke 7:36-50
Preached September 19, 2010

TEXT: Luke 7:36-50

When I think of someone having a passion for God, I think of this story.

The word "passion" means "any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling."

To me, the woman in this story is exhibiting a passion toward Christ; not in a sensual way, but in a way that is ascribing worth to Him.

As we talk about Experiencing God Through Worship, worship in the bible is active, not passive.

It is not static, but dynamic and organic.

It's more demonstrative than reserved.

In fact, the word most often used for worship in the Old Testament means to "bow down" or to "prostrate" oneself.

And, the more we know about God, the deeper our passion ought to be for Him and the more we ought to demonstrate our worship of Him.

It's kind of like the wife who told her husband that he doesn't tell her he loves her anymore.

His response was, "I told you the day we were married, and if I ever change my mind I'll let you know."

You don't just have a "one-time" experience with God; you ought to be experiencing God daily.

Interestingly, the woman never says a word; but her actions communicate her heart very clearly.

The context of this story is that Jesus is invited to a dinner party by one of the Pharisees.

They didn't sit around a table like we do today.

The table was lower than ours are.
They would actually lounge on a chair, leaning on their left elbow on the chair, and have their feet extended behind them.

The homes in these days had open courtyards, and a party of this fashion was an open event, and people could come in and sit and listen to the guests' conversation.

So, during this dinner party a woman of the city, who was obviously a notorious sinner (more than likely a prostitute), heard that Jesus was at this party and she showed up.

And to me, as you read this story, there ...

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