by Tony Nester

Discover Your Call
Tony Nester
Exodus 3:1-10

One of the discoveries we make in life is that things change for us when we start asking different questions. For example, couples stop asking themselves, "Do we LOVE each other?" and start asking, "Do we TRUST each other?" Here's another example. Lots of people say that they believe in God but think in new ways about their faith when asked, "Have you given God any reason to believe in YOU?"

Here's the question I'd like to get you to ask yourself for a while: "Might God have a calling for me?"

This is a very different question than the kind of questions many people are asking themselves. It's very different from asking: "Can I prove that God exists?" "Can't I be spiritual without being in the Church?" "Do I know that I'm going to Heaven when I die?"

I believe it's our discovery that God has a calling for us that gives our lives a deep sense of purpose. It's also what gives power to our religious life, our faith.

We can spend a lot of time asking ourselves, "Am I doing anything wrong?" But so often we can answer quite easily "No, I'm not doing wrong. I don't steal. I don't lie. I'm not cheating my neighbor".

But the better question is, "What am I doing that's truly right?" Doing something truly right is what we Christians mean by answering God's calling in our lives. It's about being and living as a disciple of Jesus.

There are a lot of stories in the Bible about being called by God to do something truly right. One of the most well known is the story told in today's Scripture from Exodus, Chapter 3. It's the story of Moses and the Burning Bush - the Call of Moses.

God gets Moses' attention through a bush that's alive with flames but isn't being burned up by the fire. He's been for some time in a hot desert area as a sheep herder. He's had plenty of time to think - lots of time to ponder his life. It's not been pretty.

He was raised in the Egyptian royal fa ...

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