by Fred Lowery

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His Needs Her Needs (4 of 4)
Series: Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowery
March 6, 2011
Jeremiah 31:3; 1 Peter 3:1; 1 Peter 3:4

God made man and then He rested. God made woman and since then neither man nor God has rested. Girls tend to marry men like their daddies. That's why mother's cry at weddings. A lady said to her husband you know I've noticed Ms. Jones next door that her husband is always bringing her chocolate and flowers. Why don't you do that? He said I hardly know that woman. This and I know this has happened to some man in this room. The wife at the door he's leaving for work and she says I bet you don't remember what today is, anybody been there. I bet you don't remember what today is. He says I surely do. Ten o'clock that morning she got flowers. One o'clock she got chocolate. Four o'clock she got a package from her favorite shop with a note that said I can't wait till this evening. And so when he got home she met him at the door and she said honey this has been the greatest Groundhog Day in my life. This one man went to the doctor because he was having some physical problems and couldn't get straightened out and the doctor was pretty strong with him and said your blood pressure is off the charts. Your cholesterol is three hundred. You are just waiting; you could die if you just keep on the way you are going. You've got to change your complete lifestyle. He said well what do I do. He said I'm going to give you some medicine but you need a lot a more than that. You need to tell your wife to cook you two nutritious meals every day. And also tell your wife that when you get home in the evening to keep the kids off your back because you don't need that stress. And then go for a moonlight walk with your wife about seven or eight o'clock at night just to help you to relax. And then your wife needs to have sex with you at least twice a week. And if you don't make these changes you could be dead within three months. And the man said my wi ...

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