by Fred Lowery

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How To Have A New Marriage By Friday Part 1 (2 of 4)
Dr. Fred Lowery
Series: Marriage
February 20, 2011
1 Peter 3:8; James 1:19; Amos 3:3

We're talking about marriage in this series and if you may not be married you'll probably be married one day and you'll need this. Today we are going to talk about communication and that's the greatest skill you can learn in life period because relationship, that's what life is about. Sooner or later the only thing that will matter in your life will be relationships. So I think that you can find something today that will help you wherever you are in your life at this point and God would, you know speak to your heart about whatever relationship that needs some work. With all the tension in the Middle East, the protests, I tell you its just great to live in a free country where a man can do exactly what his wife pleases. One man told me, my wife and I have a mutual understanding, I don't try to run her life and I don't try to run mine. That's not true at my house several times I've had my precious wife Leigh down on her knees begging, begging me to come out from under the bed and fight like a man. Just kidding about that. She saw that in my notes this morning and said don't tell that, don't say that, but it was already too late, it was coming out and I couldn't do anything about it. one man was married for seventy six years and the television interviewed and asked him what is your secret being married that long. And he said well the secret is that all these years twice a week without fail we went out dining and dancing. I went on Monday and Wednesday and she went on Tuesday and Thursday. Well that's probably not the way to get together. How many of you are struggling that there is a problem in your marriage that you struggle with from time to time. I'm going to raise my hand because marriage is like that. Just raise your hand if you struggle with any problem in your marriage. Appreciate having a few liars in t ...

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