by Ernest Easley

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The Blessings and Benefits of Your Church Life (III) (8 of 13)
Series: Living While Looking Up
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Thessalonians 3:6-13

Now take God's Word and join me in 1st Thessalonians 3 as we continue our series of messages under the heading: LIVING WHILE LOOKING UP.
It is from this 3rd chapter we've been learning about The Blessings and Benefits of our Church Life. Do you know why when you walk onto our campus and into a Sunday School class or into a worship gathering that you will see some of the same faces every time?
I mean … you know they are going to be there! You can walk into the SIP for a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings and you know that Pete McCurdy is going to be there. Or you can enter a building and be greeted by the same person who serves as a greeter. Or when the choir and orchestra come in .. you see familiar faces in THEIR regular spot. Or you can come into this building to find a seat …that is .. YOUR seat for worship and look around and basically see the same people sitting in THEIR seat?
Do you know why that is? Well .. let me let you in on a secret: these people that you see week after week are here because they have experienced the blessings and benefits of their church life .. that's why! They have discovered over time the blessings and benefits of being a part of this fellowship of believers called Roswell Street Baptist Church .. that's why.
And I'll tell you something else: once you come to understand the blessings and benefits of your church life … you'll not only want to become a member .. you will decide to become an ACTIVE member! For when that happens: YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS! YOUR FAMILY WILL REAP THE BENEFITS.
Church membership is more than getting your name on a roll and having a church to list in your obituary …with it comes privileges and responsibilities.
Last Sunday morning after worship a man walked up to me and said, "Pastor, I would join a Sunday School class but I cannot be here ...

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