by Ernest Easley

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The God of Peace (13 of 13)
Series: Living While Looking Up
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Thessalonians 5.23-28
January 30, 2011

We find ourselves today in the last chapter in the last verses of our study of the book of 1 Thessalonians as the Apostle Paul begins to wrap things up.
Chapter by chapter he has been explaining to us what's involved in LIVING WHILE LOOKING UP. And now as we begins wrapping up his letter to the church at Thessalonica .. he gives them .. and now gives us … some instructions for holy living. And I don't know about you .. but I need instructions for holy living. I need help to live holy in this unholy world.
I was talking to a young man some time ago about living for Jesus. He shared with me his struggle and said that he had found that he couldn't live holy. And then I asked him if he had been spending much time in the Word of God. He said that he hadn't. Then I asked him if he had been participating in the Worship of God? He said that he hadn't.
I looked at him and said, "No wonder you're struggling so much in living for God! You cannot just decide to live holy and that's it!!" It takes more than a decision for holy living .. it takes a diet for holy living!
Now to be sure .. you have to make a the decision to be holy. I have to make that decision daily! Not weekly .. not monthly .. not yearly .. but daily! I pray, "God give me the desire to be holy." But it cannot stop there. First comes the decision and then comes the diet. Just as you need the proper diet for health .. you need the proper diet for holiness.
That is .. a regular diet of the Word of God! You cannot be holy without a consistent time in the Word. It's the Word that gives you strength.
Next .. you cannot be holy with a consistent time of Worship! Daily worship .. Weekly worship! And then .. a regular diet of Witnessing. You show me a Christian who is in the Word … who participates in Worship .. and s ...

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