by Fred Lowery

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Marriage As Its Meant To Be (1 of 4)
Series: Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowery
Matthew 19:3-5; Malachi 2:13-16; Matthew 7:24-27
February 6, 2011

If love is a dream, marriage is an alarm clock. Think about it. A young husband to his bride said you know now that we're married I need to tell you that I noticed you have a few faults and I'd like to point them out to you. She said good because if it weren't for those faults I could have got a better husband. German poet Heinrich Heine, true story, left his entire estate to his wife with a condition that she remarries. When he was asked why? He said I want to know that at least one other man will regret my death. And I appreciate the men laughing on that one. And this CEO of Massachusetts Mutual insurance company, he and his wife driving on the interstate realized that he was basically out of gas. So he had to take the next exit and he pulled off this exit and it was a rundown little station. And one attendant. And so he got out and told the attendant he wanted to fill it up with gas and check the oil and then he walked around to just give his legs some rest and while he was walking around he noticed that his wife kept talking to the attendant. And then when he came back to the car and got in the attendant waved at his wife and the wife said it was great talking to you. And so he said did you know that guy? She said, yes I did. In high school I dated him for a year. He said that's funny you just better be glad I came along or you would be married to that attendant not to a CEO. She said no if I married him, he would be the CEO and you'd be pumping gas. And the women clapped on that one. I want us to pray and ask God to speak to our hearts this morning. (Prayer) I was preaching over in Oklahoma and a pastor shared with me a story that happened in his church a couple that was in church every Sunday, a fine couple. But for some reason their marriage had begun to deteriorate and they hadn't worked on it and ...

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