by Marvin D. Patterson

Four Keys To Success
Pastor Marvin Patterson
Ecclesiastes 5
February 6, 2011

Attention: I love this little Book of Ecclesiastes! I don't think I have ever heard anyone preach all the way through the Book! But is has so many valuable lessons for us to learn!

According to a recent Gallup poll:
55% of Americans said they're "very happy,"
40% of Americans said they're at least "fairly happy."
4% said that they're not "too happy."

One husband remarked, "People ask us the secret of our long, and happy marriage. It's really quite simple. Two evenings a week we take time to go out to a restaurant and have a quiet dinner, soft music, some candlelight, and a slow walk home." He took a long pause and said, "She goes on Tuesdays; I go Fridays."

Everyone wants to be happy, but God gives us some very important factors for obtaining happiness in this chapter.

1- Be Serious in your worship
1Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil.

Keep thy foot - In going to worship, go with considerate, circumspect, reverent feeling. The allusion is to the taking off the shoes, or sandals, in entering a temple (Exo_3:5; Jos_5:15, which passages perhaps gave rise to the custom)

The temple Solomon built in Jerusalem

We all enjoy a privilege in this country and its call worship. I love to come to the house of God and worship the Lord. It warms my heart to be around the people of God, and to hear the praise of God in song and word. We are only getting practiced up for heaven, for there we will worship God and serve Him forever! The phase "Keep thy Foot," means to guard to or be careful when you go to a house of God. In the OT, it was the Tabernacle, and then the Temple. God is instructing us to go to church with the proper attitude. You will get what you come looking for. If you are hungry for God and His Word, you wil ...

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