by Johnny Hunt

Praying In Prayer
Johnny Hunt
James 5:16-18

INTRODUCTION: As we take a closer look at this passage, I believe we will see that James primarily deals with spiritual and emotional well-being, not physical well-being. The passage has to do with a refreshing rain of Heaven falling on a dry and barren soul, bringing new life and hope.

James magnifies the need to be a confessing people and a praying people.

A mother came to the door of her son's room and opened the door. As the little boy laid in bed ready to sleep the mother asked, ''Son, did you say your prayers?'' The little boy responded, ''No, Mom, I didn't say my prayers, I prayed my prayers.'' This is what James is addressing. He is challenging mindless, thoughtless, passionless words that mean nothing to us, but the Lord wants us to pray with fervency.

The energetic prayers of a righteous man are a potent force in calling down the power of God for restoring weak, struggling believers to spiritual health. These prayers take heaven by storm.

''Such communication is the slender nerve that moves the muscles of omnipotence.''
Chuck Swindoll

Jim Elliott writes, ''The saint who advances on his knees never retreats.''

SPECIAL NOTE: James was known as a man of prayer. In fact, tradition tells us that he bore the nickname, ''Camel Knees.'' His knees were enlarged and calloused because he spent so much time in prayer. Let's listen as we hear this man of God speak from his experience and testimony of another.


''Confess your trespasses to one another''

A. HORIZONTAL SOLUTION. Mutual Confession.

Mutual confession of sin and resulting prayer truly does elevate the health of God's people. But confession and prayer also has a broader application which includes spiritual health because the verse under discussion is closely connected with vv. 17 and 18, which have to do with the general power of prayer in the life of the righteous. In this respect, the word ''healed ...

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