by Geralyn McGill

In Pursuit Of Loot
Treasure Beyond Measure?
Geralyn McGill
Matthew 6:24-34
Luke 16:10-13

When I can look to the things of the Spirit
it is because I am seeking to hear it.
I must mind to seek His voice;
Else, how will I make my choice?

Politics, greed and possessions,
if I might tell you my deepest confessions;
Position and wealth and prestige,
had my mind and my heart under siege,
When temptations the adversary would send
and when lust knew no end.

But I heard faith in The Savior is a shield
so I set out for my heart to yield
To His word, to His love to cast out
every fear, every pain, every doubt.
My trust in Him He has rewarded;
my security, carefully guarded.

For when I placed my desire on Him
I discovered my path He would trim.
Now, the spirit is peace, joy and love
which proceeds from the Father above.
In God's providence I am able to rest,
when I trust that my Father knows best.
G.K. McGill

Jesus does not want us to worry, but to enjoy our lives. He tells us we have nothing to worry about in this world, that everything is covered. Do you worry? Are you in pursuit of loot, that will pass away someday, or do you desire eternal treasure beyond measure? Jesus introduces His instructions by saying that no one can serve two masters, for he must love one or the other, and despise one or the other-he cannot please both.
If you look after the things of Mammon, you cannot look after the things of the Spirit. The things of the flesh are a distraction from the things of the spirit-a snare. Which will you look after? Again, are you in pursuit of loot, or treasure beyond measure? But where is the line drawn? Are emotional things flesh or spirit, as they are not food, or drink or clothing? What about my worldly concerns? Should I not concern myself at all with the things of the flesh? Who is Mammon? Should I not mind myself at all with how I eat, or how I look? Today we explore some of these quest ...

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