by Rex Yancey

An End Of The Year Commitment For A New Year
Rex Yancey
2 Timothy 2:1-8

Dr. Jim Futral is challenging Mississippi Baptists to pray every day next year before eight 0’clock for Self, Servants, and Souls. At the invitation today you will be given an opportunity to make that commitment. You will receive this form to fill out. I need you to return that form to me. You will also be given this pin for your lapel or dress. If you will wear it, you will have an opportunity to tell others what it is all about.

Someone shared a story with me once about an elderly blind lady that was in a nursing home. This lady would make vocal requests to God in prayer. One morning a worker heard her praying as she was trying to fumble her way to the bathroom. ‘‘Now Lord, just help me make it to the bathroom. That’s it, Lord; just help me find my way.’’ The worker slipped into her room and said the lady was fumbling around in her closet. She said, ‘‘Now Lord, you know this is not the bathroom!’’

That nursing home resident knew something about prayer that we need to learn. She was talking to God and expecting Him to give her directions.

Paul gives specific instructions on the proper objects of prayer and the demeanor of prayer in this text. I want us to think about what he said,

1. The Demand Of Prayer

The Church of Ephesus had a lot going for it. However, it was not without its challenges and problems. Some of the elders were teaching false doctrine. Paul had forbidden two of the men to teach at all. Therefore, a sense of order needed to be restored in the church.

Their first order of business was to pray. After we become Christians, we should do nothing without praying about it.

1. Prayer must be a priority in our lives.

- ’’First of all…’’ Did you know that we learn more about prayer by practicing it than we do by studying it? Jesus prayed before important decisions in his life. He prayed all night long on occasions. The busier He was, the more He prayed. His ...

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