by Dan Hill

We Need Each Other
Dan Hill
Ephesians 2:19 (TLB)
SHBC - 2010

I am really exciting and I have lots of anticipation about our BIG winter campaign that starts next week when we, all together begin the Bible Study called "One Month to Live." The sub-title of the book is "Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life." I absolutely guarantee you that what we are going to be doing will add great value to your life if you will get involved with us in this with us. It's not about getting ready to die at all - it's about living with new urgency - fresh purpose - and a sharper focus. I believe that our lives are going to be changed forever as a result!

I want to get us ready to begin this adventure this morning this way: If I could give you the secret to overcoming fatigue - fear - failure - and frustration would you be interested in that? Sure you would; all of us are interested in that. And yet I have to tell you, the secret is not something that is very American. The secret is found in one little word. That word is - COMMUNITY.

But community has become an almost un-American kind of concept. We Americans love our independence. In fact; our nation was founded on the Declaration of Independence. We are the most independent thinking people on earth and we take pride in that fact. Ralph Keys, the author of We the Lonely People, says that above all else we Americans value mobility - convenience - and privacy. "Of these," he adds, "privacy is our most cherished value."

As a result of this hyper-emphasis on privacy we value technology far more than relationships. When I lived in California, I remember reading a news report about how the divorce rate in the Silicon Valley of Northern California was rapidly rising. That was really not a surprise but what was a surprise was the fact that those whose marriage had broken up were really not all that disturbed by the breakdown of their marriage. And the reason given was "now they had more time to spend alone…with their computers!


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