by Steve Wagers

Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Daniel 9: 1-19
November 14. 2010

A) Come before God Fresh
B) Come to God Focused
A) Comprehension
B) Conversation
1) Talking with God
a) Adoration
b) Confession
c) Thanksgiving
d) Supplication
2) Listening to God
A) Priceless Treasures
B) Precious Tools
1) We are Conditioned in the Word
2) We are Cleansed by the Word
3) We are Completed with the Word

A preacher was about to leave home on a long journey. As he packed his suitcase, he found that he had a little room left in it. Speaking to a friend, the preacher said, "There is still enough room in my suitcase for me to pack a guidebook, a lamp, a mirror, a telescope, a book of poems, a number of biographies, a bundle of old letters, a hymn book, a sword, and a small library of 30 volumes."

His friend looked at the small space in the suitcase and gasped, "How can you manage to fit all of that into that tiny space?" The preacher said, "That's easy. My Bible contains all of these things!"

One of the first things that a Christian ought to do after being saved, baptized, and become a part of a local Bible-believing church is to establish a daily quiet time with God. Years ago, I was introduced to this truth, and it changed my life. I like to refer to it as "Morning Watch."

The great preacher Alexander White, when he was too old to mount the pulpit, would rise every morning to prepare a sermon, even though he never preached it. He did so until the day he died. He was convinced that the study of the Word was essential to saving his life.

I would say that a continuous, consistent, and a constant fellowship with God, through His Word and prayer is essential for saving one's spiritual life and vitality.

I want to be as practical as I can possible be, and not take for granted that everyone already experiences a daily time with God. I have found that many Christians that ha ...

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