by Wayne Hinson

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My Military Over-comer Is Here (1 of 4)
Series: Termination Of A Tour Of Duty
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy 4:1-5

I. A Charge Authorized By The Commander-in-Chief
A) Special Orders
B) Specific Orders
1. Be Preaching The Word
2. Be Prepared For The War
C) Solemn Orders
II. A Cautious Admonition About The Conditions Of Combat
A) The Adversary Is Prepared
B) The Ammunition Is Propaganda
C) The Abomination Is Pride
III. Some Concentrated Advice About The Course Of Combat
A) The Growing Descension
B) The Guard Duty
1. Watch For The Enemy
2. Withstand The Environment
3. Walk In Evidence

Intro: In recent days, I have pondered much upon my previous days in the military. I do not think that it would be a strange comment, to state that the military life is another world within itself. By this, I means to say, that everything in that world is different from everyday civilian life. Among those differences are the clothes, the terminology, the environment and the administration. I have mentioned these facts in order to shed light on the chapter at hand. In studying these verses, I have become keenly aware of the military overtones in Paul's wording. By approaching this chapter in a military perspective, it suddenly appears like a soldier whose tour of duty is completed, his replacement has arrived, his orders have been issued and his plans for departure are in tact. From this view, every verse in this chapter falls into place. As we expound this great chapter, we hope to catch a glimpse of a decorated soldier of the Lord, reminiscing about his service in the past, and realizing the cancellation of his service in the future. We open this military scene in chapter 4 with:

I. A Charge Authorized By The Commander-In-Chief (verses 1 and 2)
Just as a replacement would arrive just before the soldier's tour of duty in a particular combat theater would end, so Paul's qualified replacement Timothy is being charged with the parti ...

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