by Wayne Hinson

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I Am Moving out of This Hostility (3 of 4)
Series: Termination Of A Tour Of Duty
Wayne Hinson
2 Timothy 4:7, 17


I. The Combat On The Battlefront Was Fierce

A) Continuous
B) Crafty
C) Condemning

II. The Conditions On The Battlefield were Fragile

A) The Companions Were Few
B) The Communication Was Slow
C) The Comfort Was Little

III. The Code Of Battle Was Faith

A) Faith Believes
B) Faith Builds
C) Faith Blooms

Intro: During the times of war in our country, there seems to rise to the surface of popularity, songs that are written, sang and recorded with concentrated emphasis on the war and the soldiers. While serving a tour of duty in Vietnam, these type of songs had a very special meaning to this soldier. Precious were those few songs that addressed our leaving this theater of combat. ''Leaving'' was always on our mind, even from the very first day we were there. As the apostle Paul looks back over a life filled with hostile actions toward him, there is no doubt that, whether mentally or verbally, he senses the relief of being taken out of the world that has fought against him day and night. No one can deny that Paul's service for the Lord was in a hostile combat environment. Sometimes in these situations, one may begin to loose touch with the reality that there is a life which does not have to abide in these circumstances. When we lapse into such a mental condition, there comes that announcement that we are ''getting out of here'', and we are shocked back into reality. As this valiant soldier of the cross contemplates moving out of this world, we can hear him say:

I. The Combat On The Battlefield Was Fierce (''I have fought a good fight'')

A) It Was A Continuous Battle (''I have fought'')

Beginning with verse 10 of this chapter, Paul gives us a partial list of his battlefield assessment. This list includes those who have deserted the ranks, those who were involved in demonic activity against the apostle and the list ...

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