by Wayne Hinson

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I Am Moving Over To My New Home (4 of 4)
Series: Termination of A Tour Of Duty
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy 4: 8,18


I. The Promise Of The Ceremony
A) The Scenes Beginning
B) The Soldier Becoming
1. Requirements
2. Reservations
C) The Savior Blessing
1. With Rest For The Weary Soldier
2. With Retreat For The Wounded Soldier
3. With Rescue For The Warring Soldier
II. The Projection Of The Crown
A) The Glory Of It
B) The Giving Of It
1. His Jesus Will Be Present
2. His Judge Will Be Present
3. His Joy Will Be Present
C) The Gaining Of It

Intro: Paul is now beginning to sum up his letter to young Timothy. He has thoroughly charged the young recruit, completely surveyed his past and now he is totally concentrated on his trip to heaven. It would seem that this mighty soldier of God's next step, will be the step that carries him into the presence of his Commander-in-Chief. The enemy's strongholds will still be there and the battle will continue, but they will not affect Paul any longer. The evil works of men such as Alexander the copper smith will not harm Paul any more. Paul had been saved from the penalty of sin on the Damascus Road. He was being saved from the power of sin, as he battled the flesh daily. Now he was on the edge of eternal horizons, and soon he would be saved from the presence of sin. The conditions surrounding him physically were painful and terrible, but the joy and condition of his soul had never been on a higher plane. This valiant soldier was on the very brink of the final transition of his military career. His every though was now centered on his imminent destination.

I. The Promise Of The Ceremony ("henceforth there is laid up for me")

A) The Scenes Beginning ("henceforth")
"Henceforth" is word of projection, but projected thoughts, no matter how emotional they may be, are worthless unless they are supported by a promise, and that promise, furthermore, has to based on a foundati ...

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