by Ernest Easley

The Right Perspective for Entering into 2011
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Deuteronomy 8.1-8,18

As you are turning to Deuteronomy 8 … I read recently about a college student who was suffering from low grades and no money. And trying to soften the blow to her parents .. she decided to write them the following letter:
"Dear Mom and Dad:
Just thought I'd drop you a note to clue you I on my plans. I've fallen in love with a guy named Jim. He quit high school after grade eleven to get married. About a year ago he got a divorce.
We've been going steady for two months and plan to get married in the fall. Until then, I've decided to move into his apartment (I think I might be pregnant).
At any rate, I dropped out of school last week, although I'd like to finish college sometime in the future."
On the next page she continued:
"Mom and Dad, I just want you to know that everything I've written so far in this letter is false. NONE of it is true. But it is true that I got a C in French and flunked Math. It is true that I'm going to need some more money for my tuition payments."
Even bad news can sound like good news depending on your perspective .. where you're coming from. So what about for 2011? What should our perspective be in considering this new year?
Well .. that's what I want to talk to you about from Deuteronomy 8: The Right Perspective for Entering into 2011.
Now keep in mind that the book of Deuteronomy was written from Moses to the children of Israel to help get them ready to live in the Promised Land. He wanted to put into their heads and hearts this one life changing bible principle … the same principle that I want to put into your heads and hearts as you enter into this new year:
Obedience unlocks the door to God's blessings! I have said this before and you will hear me say it again: God always blesses obedience .. He never blesses disobedience. What an incredible year 2011 can be if we live in obedience to His Word.
Now just a ...

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