by Fred Lowery

Christmas Future
Dr. Fred Lowery
December 26, 2010
John 14:2c-3; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 1:7; Matthew 24:36 -44; 1 John 2:28

Christmas 2010 is now history. At our house it was you know a great year for us because you know we had everybody and you know I don't want you to bring it up but next year Shelby is supposed to be at the other, the outlaw side of the group. But we had Shelby and her family and Christy and Ky and their family came over and my mom was here so we all stayed at our house Christmas Eve night. So that's six grandkids in the house plus all the parents. So we had a crowd. And we got in bed late, a lot of things to do. Got in bed late so I hoped we could sleep in on Christmas morning. I wanted to give the kids Benadryl but nobody would do that. I did that to a dog one time, slept all the way to South Carolina. But at five fifty, Will came to wake up Laura Leigh and Sophie. And they told him you better not, don't go yet, don't wake up the parents. And he said no way; I hadn't heard him say that before. He said I'm going to Doc Doc and Honey. So he came downstairs and checked out his Christmas and then came into our bedroom and woke us up and then we went back in there and he is in front of his Christmas toys. And I said Will you got to go wake up your parents, go tell them to come down here. He looked up at me and says no way. So I go upstairs and wake up both sets of parents and say it's over, get down here, get your cameras, it's not stopping this train. It's on, it's rolling. So we got an early start Christmas morning. And it's been a wonderful time; you know we had a few collisions. One exciting experience, Hudson got a helicopter an inside, indoor helicopter that he was flying. Until it hit Sophie in the head the blades got wrapped around her hair. So that was scary little moment there and her daddy was trying to get it undone and being a dad he was not doing very well. And was getting really frustrated and Christy th ...

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