by Wayne Hinson

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Testing Demands A Correct Response (1 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:1-4

I. Recognize Who The Characters Are
A) A Proper View Of Self
1. Claims He Did Not Make
2. Confessions He did Make
B) A Proper View Of The Saviour
C) A Proper View Of The Saints

II. Recognize How The Coping Works
A) The Reality Of Trials
1. The Danger Involved
2. The Diversity Involved
B) The Response To Trials
C) The Results Of Trials
D) The Redemption Of Trials

Intro: Many times in the course of our Christian life, we are prone to say, "I must not be right with God since I am having so much trouble and so many trials. Then, on the other hand, we may also be quick to say, "Look at all I am doing right, therefore I will not have any troubles." Neither one of these assessments are anywhere near the truth. Trials and tribulations are just as much a part of being a child of God as are blessings and benefits. James sets the table of understanding trials at the very beginning of his epistle. He wastes no time in discussing and describing trials and also our reactions. In order to properly look at our trials and testings, there are two very important steps that are outlined in detail in these first four verses of James' epistle:

I. Recognize Who The Characters Are
It would become an impossibility to gather a proper prospective of our trials, if we did not recognize the characters that are involved. We also must have the proper view of these involved characters.

A) A Proper View Of Self ("am a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ")

1. Claims He Did Not Make
I am thoroughly convinced that in order to face trials, testings and tribulations, we must have a proper view of ourself. Notice what James did not say about himself, but could have said. He could have said, "saved by grace, separated, chosen, an apostle commissioned and sent." He could have said, "James, the elder in the ch ...

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