by Wayne Hinson

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Testing Demands A Correct Resolve (3 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:5-6

Chapter One: Rules For Gaining Wisdom
I. There Is A Problem Revealed
A) The Management Of Myself
1. Selecting A Life Partner
2. Selecting A Life Practice
3. Selecting A Life Plan
B) To Minister To My Society
C) To Master Over My Situations
II. There Is A Personal Privilege
A) Afforded To Us By Calvary
B) Assessed By Us In Communion
III. There Is A Powerful Promise
A) Liberally
B) Lovingly
IV. There Is A Proper Procedure
A) Avoid Doubt
B) Avoid Delay

Intro: In this study of the demands that testing requires of each believer, we have solved the question as to when testing will come. Testing is either present in our life, or it is on the horizon and headed our way. In two previous messages, we have covered the instructions divinely inspired through James, as to our correct reflections and our correct requests. These certainly have to be a part of our function if we are to successfully endure trials and temptations. Every born again believer should have the desire to learn and to live within the confines of these instructions. In this message, we will deal with the believer's resolve to not only learn these instructions, but also to live out these instructions. We further see:

I. There Is A Problem Revealed (verse 5)
The first principal we need to enlist is to erase that little word "if" that begins verse 5, and insert the word "since". We must comprehend that we all lack wisdom, as to what God wants us to do, where God wants us to do it, and when He wants us to do it. Sooner or later the lack of wisdom must become evident to every believer. We all need wisdom especially in three major areas:

A) The Management Of My Self("if any of you lack wisdom")
A believer can keep their mind right, their body under subjection and be able to expend their energies for the glory of God only if they have t ...

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