by Wayne Hinson

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Areas Of Our Lives That Need Assistance (4 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:8-12

I. We Need Assistance With Our Stability In Life
A) The Works Of A Double-Minded Man
B) The Waste Of A Double-Minded Man
II. We Need Assistance With Our Standing In Life
A) There Is A Life Of Poverty
1. A Special Inclusion
2. A Special Insight
3. A Special Inheritance
B) There Is A Life Of Prosperity
1. Prosperity Is A Temporary Attraction
2. Prosperity Is A Transition Agent
III. We Need Assistance With The Storms In Life
A) There Is A Character Building
B) There Is A Continual Endurance
C) There Is A Crown Involved
Intro: When James gets to verse 8 in his writings, he sets the platform and foundation for verses 9-12. James has diligently discussed testings, trials and tribulations in the previous 7 verses. He also has declared, for all to heed, how we are to react in the midst of these storms. He has conducted his divine classroom in order to enroll us in the advanced wisdom class. At first glance, one would determine that verses 9 - 12 are somewhat out of place. But they are not out of place, they are actually perfectly in place, in that they deal with specific areas of our lives that are in need of much wisdom. He is simply switching from a self analogy to a social setting. In reality, we do have more problems maintaining our Christian posture in a social atmosphere. His instruction teaches that there are no classes or social structures in God's economy, and also plainly informs us that being double-minded will cause a man to miss the blessings of God. We further see that:

I. We Need Assistance With Our Stability In Life (verse 8)

A) The Works Of A Double-Minded Man ("a double minded man")
The word "double-minded" means "swinging between faith and unbelief, trust and distrust. One part of this man says yes, while the other part says no. This is the person who has a civil war going ...

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