by Wayne Hinson

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Areas Of Our Lives In Need Of Abolishment (5 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:13-15

I. The Truth About Temptation
A) God Cannot Be Tempted With Evil
1. There Is No Defilement In His Person
2. There Is No Deflection In His Purpose
3. There Is No Dulling In His Perception
4. There Is No Diminishing In His Power
B) Satan Cannot Be Trusted
C) Man Cannot Be Tolerant
II. The Trickery Of Temptation
A) Satan Plays Mind Games With Us
B) Satan Plays Moral Games With Us
C) Satan Plays Memory Games With Us
III. The Tragedy From Temptation
A) Temptation Provokes Our Desire
B) Temptation Promotes Our Distraction
C) Temptation Processes Our Delivery
D) Temptation Proceeds With Death

Intro: For 12 verses, we have sit in James' classroom. He has thoroughly instructed us on trials, tests, and tribulations. We have learned that the wisdom needed to successfully endure those storms, comes only from God, and comes through enduring these storms. We have also learned that delayed decisions, doubts and double-mindedness are thorns in our side that will keep us from the wisdom we so desperately need. We further learned that trials and tribulations come to both those that are in poverty, and those that are in prosperity. Finally, we were instructed, in verse 12, as to what God intends to accomplish in our lives through character building, continual enduring and the crown of life. Now James embarks on a new realm of thought, which is temptation. The only similarity between temptation and trials, is that both will come to every believer. There has been a lot of false teaching concerning temptation, and only a clear and concise understanding of God's Word can clear it up. May we expound and exhort these three verses with the truth and guidance of God. We further see:

I. The Truth About Temptation (verse 13)

A) God Cannot Be Tempted With Evil
We first establish that the temptation that ...

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