by Wayne Hinson

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Areas Of Our Lives That Need Appraising (6 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:16-17

I. The Gift That Is Perfect
A) Without Error, He Created This World
B) Without Error, He Carries On His Work
C) Without Error, He Completes His Will
D) Without Error, He Conversed His Word
II. The Giver Who Is Precious
A) Man's Light
B) Mind Light
C) Manifested Light
D) Miracle Light

Intro: After much study and meditation, this write feels that verse 16 can be included with verse 13-15, as well as verses 17-18. Verse 16 is an admonition, a warning and an announcement that needs our immediate attention, whether it is after we have read verses 14-15, or whether it alerts us before we begin to read and study verses 17-18. Used with the previous two verses, this verse warns us not to err in sin, but used with the forthcoming two verses, it warns us not to err in our sight. These two warnings are intertwined with each other, and in a greater sense, go together very well. There is also a very distinct connection between being deceived and enticed concerning sinful things of the world, and the good gifts from above. It seems only fitting that James declares this warning and then immediately begins to inform us of trials, temptations and then gifts, as he is directed by Holy Ghost inspiration. We have been climbing a ladder of progressive spiritual thought, and now James leads us from rung to rung, until we are finally standing at the top of the ladder. From the top of this spiritual ladder, we are able to access the situation. What James sees in verses 17-18, resembles an appraisal, such as one that would be done on a house that is for sale. James wants us to be the appraiser, and the items to be appraised, are the gift, the giver and the giving. What a change would take place in our lives, if we would pause now and then and appraise all the assets that God has and will share with His children. When we ...

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