by Wayne Hinson

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Areas Of Our Lives That Need Adjusting (8 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:19-21

I. We Need An Attitude Adjusting
A) Concerning Our Being Swift To Hear
B) Concerning Our Being Slow To Speak
1. Our Accomplishments
2. Our Acquaintances
C) Concerning Our Being Sensitive To Anger
1. A Righteous Anger
2. A Regretful Anger
II. We Need An Awareness Adjustment
A) The Results Of Anger Is A Loose Tongue
B) The Reason For Anger Is A Lack Of Respect
1. For The Saints
2. For Thy Self
3. For The Saviour
III. We Need An Actions Adjustment
A) The Action Of Removal
1. The Cancer Of Sin
2. The Canyon Of Sin
3. The Conclusion Of Sin
B) The Action Of Reception

Intro: In the exposition of verse 18, James took us to the mountain top of spiritual standing. Even though we need a mountain top experience every now and then, we cannot and will not abide on the mountain top. Our lives are not lived on the peaks, but are lived in the plains, and many times in the valley. We can and should shout over our wonderful experience of salvation, but reality is best served and understood through seperation. That is exactly where James, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, is taking us. The entirety of these three verses is about attitude adjustments, and we all know that we are in desperate need of these in the days we live in. In this area of spiritual attitude adjusting, we further note that:

I. We Need An Attitude Adjusting (verse 19)
James addresses three major areas of our lives that need adjusting and regulating. These three areas represent most of our problems concerning seperation. They are:

A) Concerning Our Being Swift To Hear ("let every man be swift to hear")
As a young child, my mother would tell me something specific that she wanted me to do, or to stop doing. I would answer, "I hear you mom". To that, she would reply, "I am not interested in your hearing me, I want ...

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