by Wayne Hinson

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Areas Of Our Lives That Need Analyzing (10 of 10)
Series: Living Right For The Redeeming Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 1:26-27

I. Our Present Location As Saints
A) Located In A Body Of Flesh
B) Located In The Bonds Of Faith
C) Located In The Blessing Of Fellowship
II. Our Problem Living As Saints
A) The Testimony Of A Hypocrite
B) The Traits Of A Hypocrite
C) The Totality Of A Hypocrite
III. Our Personal Labor as Saints
A) Spiritual Labor
B) Social Labor
C) Seperate Labor

Intro: In these two final verses of chapter one, James brings us to a concluding statement concerning living right for the redeeming Lord. He has successfully brought the divine Word down to where we to the street where we live, and now he brings the truth into our living room. These two verses are packing a full load of instruction, that we can take to the bank. As he deals with the where, the why and the how of living right, we see:

I. Our Present Location As Saints ("if any man among you")

A) Located In A Body Of Flesh ("if any man")
Many today preach and teach that we must place scripture in it's proper context, before we can correctly apply and preach it. The question is, why do we not understand that we have to place ourselves in the proper context, so that our lives will be properly applied? While it is true that we cannot live according to the flesh, we cannot disallow the fact that we are abiding in a body of flesh. The flesh has not eradicated, and remains a powerful foe of the child of God. The Apostle Paul, as well as James, places a great emphasis upon the weaknesses and vile nature of our flesh. Whether we like it or not, we are presently housed in a body that is the enemy of God and the new nature that is within us. This is the proper context of where we are now living. This is our address for the duration of our pilgrimage on earth. The flesh is dark and dirty, and always will be until it is glorified. But even though we ...

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