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How to Become a Viral Church
Series: Unleashed
Jeff Lynn
Acts 1:1-11
April 18, 2010

TEXT: Acts 1:1-11

There are billions of videos on the Internet, so it's rare when one video breaks through the clutter to become "viral," which means that it has been exposed to millions of people in a short amount of time.
The term "viral" is an allusion to the manner in which diseases spread; starting out being shared by a few people.
Then each person who is exposed begins to pass it along to where the video ends up a viral-like phenomenon.
Thanks to YouTube and other similar video sharing sites, it's become incredibly easy for a video to "go viral." The Evolution of The Dance is the perfect example, as it has over 120 million views and is the most viewed video on YouTube.

Two weeks ago we celebrated the resurrection of Christ.
We saw three different responses to it.
The women worshipped
The guards suppressed it
The disciples worshipped, but some doubted.

The word "doubted" can also be translated "hesitated."

Why would they "hesitate" after having seen Jesus alive?

Have you ever had an event happen in your life to where you knew that based upon that event, everything was about to change.

That's why some people "hesitate" to get married or to commit to someone, because they know that will change things.

That's why some couples "hesitate" to have children, because they know that will alter their lifestyle significantly.

Here the disciples had spent the couple of days prior to Jesus' resurrection wondering what they were going to do next?
They thought that it was over.

Peter went back to fishing.

But, now, here is Jesus in His resurrected state, and they worshipped, but they doubted, or were "hesitant."

Because this was a game-changing event!!!

NOW what were they supposed to do based on the fact that Jesus was standing face to face with the ...

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