IF I'M LYIN', I'M DYIN' (8 OF 13)

by Jeff Lynn

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If I'm Lyin', I'm Dyin' (8 of 13)
Purging Sin From the Church
Series: Unleashed
Jeff Lynn
Acts 4:32-5:16
June 27, 2010

Introduce text: Acts 4:32-37.

Last week we saw where Peter and John were threatened not to speak about the resurrection of Jesus any longer.
They went back and reported to the disciples all that had happened to them as they stood before the religious council.

As I have mentioned before, any time you advance the kingdom of heaven you will face resistance, because there is a spiritual battle raging.

The resistance came from the religious people who were annoyed at what Peter and John were doing.
But we saw where the disciples prayed for boldness to continue to speak the word of God, and that's exactly what God did for them.

So, this threat did not deter their mission.

Conversely, let's look at how they stayed the course and the results of it.
TEXT: Acts 4:32-37

I've highlighted some of the words and phrases that show you the great things that were happening as they continued to speak the word of God with boldness and advanced the kingdom.

Notice that Luke writes the "full number" of those who believed were of "One heart and soul"

Again we see the unity expressed in their relationships.
They had the same passion toward the one mission.

Also, they "had everything in common." We'll discuss this in a little more detail in a minute.

Also, the "apostles were giving their testimony with great power"

"great grace was upon them all."

This means that God favored them greatly.

Luke then elaborates on them having everything in common when he says there was not a needy person among them.

The text makes it sound like it was an early form of communism; but these early believers did this voluntarily.

There was a selflessness among them that was manifested in no one having a financial need.

They saw themselves as a family and shared with each other accordingly.

It's what "community ...

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