by Fred Lowery

What I Want for Christmas
December 19, 2010
Dr. Fred Lowery
2 Corinthians 5:17-20; Luke 1:29-38; Luke 1:18; Luke 1:20; Matthew 2:18-25; Luke 2:10-11; Luke 2:15-16; Luke 2:20; Luke 2:13-14

Of course children are such a big part of Christmas. One of my favorite Dennis the Menace cartoons, he walks in the room with a big box in his hand and says to his mother you better get in touch with Santa Claus and tell him I don't need that train set because I found one on the top shelf in dad's closet. And the kid who wrote to Santa Claus and said I want to trucks, two remote controlled cars and two video games. His dad says why are you asking for two of everything. He said so I can share. I was on an airplane during the Christmas season and you know children make Christmas and they are so precious, nobody loves children more than I do but somebody else's child acting crazy on an airplane can get on your last nerve. Have you ever been there? It's such a confined spot there and when a child just goes on and on trying. This little kid was just running up and down the aisles and making all kinds of noises and sounds and bothering people and asking them questions and finally the stewardess came back and took his face, you know just like this, she said something to him and I was about three rows away. And I couldn't tell but he settled down and I mean just completely settled down. So after a few minutes she came down to bring some cokes I said what did you tell that little kid. She said I told him young man if you don't settle down I'm going to send you outside to play. That worked. True Christmas defies the imagination. An event, think about it, an event that happened over 2000 years ago in a tiny village in the middle east and yet today the whole world is talking about it. What an amazing thing. Bethlehem answered the age old question. The question in everyone's mind. What is God like? We know there is a God but what is God like. Bethlehem answered that, Go ...

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