by Rex Yancey

The Emotions Of Christmas
Rex Yancey
Luke 2:21-38

Christmas is a busy time of the year. We are busy celebrating, communicating, decorating, renovating, and dissipating that we forget about the one we should be elevating.
-Elderly man came to the young doctor in a small town. The young doctor was nervous as he asked the man about his symptoms. He listened to all his ailments and was contemplating his diagnosis. However, he had no clue. "Have you ever had this before?" The old man said, "Yes." The young doctor said, "Well, you've got it again!"
That same feeling grips us as we once again face a Christmas season. We look for Christmas to bail us out like a business man or woman looks for BUMPER Christmas sales to bail them out of the red for the year. When the emptiness returns after the season is over, there are some people who opt out of life.
Have you ever thought, "I don't know what I got, but I think I am getting it again?" You are experiencing the emotions of Christmas.
Emotions stirred at the incomparable Christmas story, the tinsel and Christmas tree lights, the echoing refrains of Christmas, the Christmas cards, the array of Christmas colors, the goodies, and the excitement dancing in the eyes of children.
If Christmas is emotional to us, think of the long list of characters that make up the Christmas story. I want us to consider some of those emotions tonight.
1. Scholars came to Jesus. They had studied the stars. I have read there are a group of astronomers today who pass the word around if something unusual happens in the heavens. Maybe the star was Jupiter. No one knows for sure. But this bright light led the wise men to Jesus.
2. The simple came to Jesus. Shepherds were the rift-raft of society. They were not allowed to testify in court because they had such a reputation of lying. When Jesus was born the earthiest human beings could not refrain from praising God.
3. The angels were made ...

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