by Dan Hill

Jesus, Heaven's Light
John 1:1-5 (TLB)
Dan R. Hill

Last year after Christmas, I clipped this letter to "Dear Abby" out of the newspaper. This guy writes to Abby complaining about how difficult it is to buy women Christmas presents: "Women are very touchy about certain gifts, as I discovered this year after giving my girlfriend a catcher's mitt for Christmas. It seemed to me to be a particularly thoughtful gift, especially since she claimed not to be getting physical exercise. But apparently she did not see it that way. The minute she unwrapped it, she ran sobbing from the room.

At first, I thought those were tears of joy streaming down her face. I figured she was overwhelmed at being the first in her group of friends to have a catcher's mitt, that sort of thing. Or I figured she was so excited she couldn't wait to get outside and work on her throws to second base. But when she didn't return, after a few hours I got the hint.

Here I'd spent all that time running around from one sporting goods store to the next trying to find just the perfect mitt. I mean, we're talking the Johnny Bench model here; top of the line. And then she calls me insensitive. I mean, you'd thought I had given her a year's subscription of "Field and Stream" or a box of shotgun shells, which everybody knows should be used for Christmas stocking stuffers! Personally, I think she just had a lot of anger in her and took it out on me. Not that I'm trying to play amateur psychologist or anything."
This letter was signed, "A guy who is in the dark." No kidding Sherlock! But the fact is, there are lots and lots of people, when it comes to Christmas that really are in the dark. That is why the theme of our Christmas celebration this year is "Heaven's Light."

One of the things all of us love about the Christmas season is all the lights. At this time of the year, when everything is the darkest, all those Christmas lights go on. Christmas just seems to light up the world!

Light is one ...

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