by Rex Yancey

Remembering Christmas
Rex Yancey
Luke 2:19

"But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart." Americans and citizens of the world treasure many things today. But in many cases, the incarnation is not one of the things they treasure. Do you treasure it? Will you ponder, not just in your mind, but in your heart, the reality and significance of the birth of Jesus?
I am afraid that we spend a lot of our Christmas season celebrating, decorating, renovating, and dissipating, that we forget about the One we should be elevating!
I would like to start a revolution in the Christian community. I am sure there will be opposition to my suggestion. However, here it goes. Since many Americans resent Christmas being a Christian holiday, I suggest that Christians celebrate His incarnation at some other date in the year than December 25. After all, December 25 is man made. There is nothing in the Bible about celebrating Christmas. In all likelihood, Jesus was born in the spring, not in the winter.
So let's celebrate His birth in March. Let's bring gifts to church to share with the needy. Let's stop all this December spending to lavish gifts on our greed instead of our need. My guess is that the businesses would lose so much that the government would start screaming for us to celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday again.
As I sit here at the keyboard, I ponder my upbringing and the Christmas season. I remember going into the woods to cut the cedar tree that I thought was a Christmas tree. I remember taking a needle and thread and sewing popcorn together to lace around the tree. I remember the icicles and pine cones we used to decorate the tree. I can still remember those colored lights. All of these memories are good memories. However, we have more to celebrate and remember than that.
God so loved the world... He became one of us. Someone has described the incarnation as "God coming dow ...

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