by Christopher Harbin

Naked Before God
Christopher B. Harbin
Genesis 2:18-24; Mark 10:17-31; Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:1-4

The young rich man came to Jesus with much to recommend him. It was to be expected that he depended on his position in society and on his wealth. The mask of the day to day promoted him well, but he sensed that something was still missing. He came before Jesus to ask him what he was lacking. Jesus encouraged him to leave everything to come naked before God in complete dependence and need. It is a difficult lesson to hear. In what way does it apply to our lives, as well?
He had everything going for him. He was young. He was rich. He was a leader among his people. He had position, possessions, and a good religious reputation among the people. His résumé was that of having followed God's instructions in faithfulness. The people attested to his righteousness before God and the Law of Moses. At least, that was his public presentation. Regardless, he lacked something. He could not identify what he was missing. That was the concern that brought him to Jesus.
He came to Jesus with his questions. Well, it was really no more than one question. "Master, what do I lack that I might inherit the live of the ages?" Somehow, his recommendations hid the real condition of his internal life. Beneath his fortune, status, and good reputation, he needed something to give him confidence in bringing him close to God. He needed a real hope that would give him peace with God and fill the void of his internal life.
We stood well before his public. He was known and recognized by his society. People sought to get near to him, for he had both riches and position. Given the popular concept of divine blessing, one would think he was in good standing with God, for it was understood that those who were in good standing with God enjoyed the blessings of health, power, and material riches. A great part of the society understood it this way. It was the mark of divine blessing, ...

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